About Ironwood Construction

Ironwood Construction & Remodel will bring your vision to life. Specializing exclusively in a wide range from frame to finish work. We provide pre job consultation, estimates and contracts so work can begin. We are creative in utilizing unseen space for practical use of the home. Some of our services include secured rooms, built-in TV walls, hidden doors, walk-in closets & pantry remodels. Endless projects, and professional workmanship for 30 years with the know how to provide you with quality work and customer satisfaction.

About Chad “the builder”

Since the early ’90s, Chad started out as a framer in Eugene Or. Eventually was licensed in ’99 and running a business framing homes for a couple of builders. Ended up in Bend in ’04 establishing work with well-known builders, framing custom homes for 14 years and a beginning to interior finish.

Building interests transitioned to carpentry, superintendent work, and managing projects from beginning to end. Opportunities led me to work in Southern Cal for 3 years with high-end career builds to be proud of. Working side by side with numerous builders, contractors, designers, and homeowners has given me the tools needed to launch Ironwood Construction & Remodel here in Southern Oregon.


We also specialize in removing and replacing your existing doors, windows, casing, and baseboards throughout your home. We strive to provide a zero-impact installation in all our work. Protective floor coverings, plastic zip walls to separate work zones from non-work areas and dust-controlling techniques with HEPA filtered systems. Clean up after every day of work to ensure your home is livable whenever work is not being performed.

Plan & Design

Ironwood is happy to consult on your project or remodel. Not all projects need these services but if so, we offer trade suggestions during the pre-planning stages. We recommend that designs, drawings, materials and building costs to be up front for accurate job proposals and permits if required. The use of architects, interior designers, and sub contractors to help in the planning stages is invaluable to the finished product. Good work starts with a good plan.